The Greenwood Store and Restaurant.

One of our favorites places to play the last few years is a homey, out-of-the-way, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spot about 20 minutes west of Sanger in the tiny community of Greenwood, Texas. We’ll be at the most popular place in town — the Greenwood Store and Restaurant. Though math was not my strongest subject, I think this will be our sixth time performing there. We’re scheduled for Saturday, March 9 from 5-8 p.m., and if you’ve never been there you’re in for a treat. Located in an old, historic building from an era long gone, the place is just that: a combination small-town store and restaurant. And on Saturday nights, the menu features just one item, a country-style fried catfish dinner that packs ’em in nearly every week. Texas Sky has always enjoyed playing there — from our little corner “stage” area — and folks have always been real receptive to our songs while enjoying their dinner. For us, the best part of this gig is that we get to chow down on some fried catfish (and not to mention a slice of their famous pies!) before heading home. Hope to see ya’ll there on March 9. (Contributed by band member, Randy Cummings)